Don’t Overlook Wire Selection

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Top considerations for selecting wire screen media.

A screen media’s wire is more than just wire. It plays an essential role in screen media’s performance. Making the wrong selection can result in increased downtime for maintenance and negatively impact your product quality and production rates. 

Considering the type of screen media — high-vibration, woven wire, etc. — alone is not enough. It’s important to understand the manufacturing process behind your screen media selection to ensure it will offer consistent performance for the long haul.

Here are a few things to consider:

Ensure Wire Consistency 

When selecting screen media, don’t base your decision solely on price. Due to product shortages and skyrocketing production costs, some manufacturers are opting to alter their wire selection to keep purchase prices low and maintain fabrication timelines. Unfortunately, this simple switch can unknowingly contribute to a wide breadth of issues, from a shorter wear life to diminished end product quality. 

MAJOR’s FLEX-MAT, on the other hand, consistently uses the same proprietary wire to ensure your end product meets spec every time while offering consistent screening performance and longevity.

Look for Custom Engineering

Choosing to work with a manufacturer that produces its own screen media wire is beneficial to both your operation and your wallet. The effectiveness depends on the right balance of three key quality factors:

  • Hardness: Resistance to abrasion and wear
  • Tensile Strength: Resistance to failure or breakage under stress
  • Ductility: Capacity to support stress and to be formed without breaking or losing its properties

To achieve this MAJOR manufactures its signature OPTIMUMWIRE in-house. The proprietary in-house production process for the advanced wire contains higher carbon and manganese content than traditional woven wire cloth, providing more resistance to abrasion and better screening performance. 

In fact, OPTIMUMWIRE can extend the wear life of your screen media up to five times longer than traditional screen media options. The high tensile strength of the wire makes it less likely to break in high-impact conditions with abrasive materials. 

Additionally, each FLEX-MAT screen is custom-built for your operation. The wire media is measured to the individual specifications of your machines to provide a perfect fit and leave no room for error. This further helps to provide more precise screening and a high-quality end product.

Choose a Partner for Success

Our commitment to quality from start to finish guarantees the product won’t change between orders. This means you’ll get the great screening performance you’ve come to expect from FLEX-MAT each time. This attention to detail is how we achieve what competitors can’t — unrivaled throughput and superior end-product quality. 

To make sure you’re getting the best screen media for your plant, contact your local MAJOR dealer today.