3 Ways to Boost Your Profits

How to improve profitability in aggregate and mining applications

As the infrastructure demand increases, so does the need for building materials. Now more than ever, producers must evaluate their operations and ensure they are equipped with the right tools to maximize their production. 

Here are three considerations to improve your operation’s efficiency and profitability.

1. Prioritize Productivity for Profitability 
While often overlooked, screen media is a critical factor when evaluating screening efficiency. Where most screen media fall short is in delivering efficient stratification. High-vibration wire screens like FLEX-MAT, on the other hand, are strategically designed to promote material stratification and offer exceptional screening performance. 

The unique high-vibration movement accelerates material stratification, causing coarse material to quickly rise to the top of the material bed. Fines and near-size material meets the screen much faster which reduces material recirculation to the crusher and prevents lost revenue and expensive replacements down the road.

Issues like blinding, pegging and clogging will also diminish an operation’s profitability potential. While some screen media is tapered to try to mitigate these problems, their design often limits the extent to which they can resolve severe issues. FLEX-MAT was designed to combat these common challenges. Its independent wires offer high frequency vibrations from hook to hook that prevents material from settling in and on the screen panels. 

2. Use Vibration Analysis
Screen boxes and screen media in particular take on a lot of day-to-day stress which means staying on top of maintenance to prevent costly downtime is crucial. Producers can use vibration analysis technology to get the information they need to prevent unforeseen breakdowns, as well as optimize their vibrating screens for maximum performance. Vibration analysis technology gathers data on your screen box by measuring parameters like g-force, stroke, rpm and, in some cases, lateral movement, a measurement not offered by many alternative vibration analysis systems. This allows producers to fine-tune their machine for maximum productivity.If questions come up or further analysis is needed, working with a trusted manufacturer to analyze test results will maximize productivity. 

3. Partner with a Reliable Manufacturer (OEM)
Partnering with an OEM for a custom-fit screen is an important step towards maximizing profits. From troubleshooting and diagnostics to understanding the correct installation of screen media, a reliable manufacturer will be with you every step of the way. When it comes to maintenance or training, manufacturers often offer the service either through site visits or via a nearby dealer. The benefit will be a crew with shared knowledge of proper installation and maintenance that could be worth thousands in unexpected downtime prevention. 

Boosting profits is always a topic for discussion when it comes to staying competitive in the industry. Investing in high-vibration screen media like FLEX-MAT will help you achieve heightened material lamination, improved material quality, and ultimately, more profits. 

If you’re looking for more information about increasing ROI with high vibration screen media or have any questions, contact us or reach out to your local MAJOR dealer to learn more.