Specification Solutions

260A9332 as Smart Object 1

By Serge Raymond, MAJOR product specialist

As the current in-demand specification of finished raw materials becomes tighter and more stringent, producers need to examine their production process in order to maximize profitability. 

This is where customized screen media excels.  

Proper Screen Media Selection

While often overlooked, proper screen media selection is critical to maximizing screen performance, and it is not a one-size fits all product. Operations should work with a manufacturer to thoroughly evaluate their application and spec requirements to ensure they are equipped with the right screen media. 

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Most operations use standard woven wire screens. However, these mass-produced screens are inexpensive and old-school – seemingly an easy decision. But when precision for a variety of specifications is key, old-school media is often not the right path. Because of the design and weaving process of traditional woven wire, only specific opening sizes in 1/16-inch increments are available. 

But opting for customizable, high-performance screen media, like FLEX-MAT, allows an infinite number of adjustments to be made to the wire spacings. As a result, it provides producers with a screening solution for the myriad of challenges faced by mining and aggregates operations — such as material contamination, blinding and pegging — ensuring you meet the exact specifications you need efficiently and effectively, every single time. 

Partner For Success

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