MAJOR Tools to Maximize Productivity

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 As the demand for raw materials grows, producers need to utilize new technologies to ensure screening efficiency and reliability. Unscheduled downtime from changing out worn screen media or other maintenance activities, for example, can significantly impact production. 


Here are three technologies to watch for to keep your operation running at peak performance.


High-Vibration Screen Media


Synthetic screen media relies solely on the vibration of the screen box to create the frequency needed to stratify material. This can lead to lost productivity due to downtime from more frequent screen changeouts and reduced efficiencies because of underproducing material. By making the switch to a high-vibration screen, like FLEX-MAT, operations will see an increase of upwards of 40% in production. Plus, since FLEX-MAT is made with OPTIMUMWIRE®, operations benefit from a longer-lasting wire that lowers the cost of production per ton by increasing throughput and wear life while eliminating blinding and pegging. Though pushing more material across the screen may result in slightly more frequent screen changeouts, the revenue generated by increased production and efficiencies more than offsets that time lost. 


Predictive Vibration Analysis 


Predictive vibration analysis tools, such as the FLEX-MAT sensor, help optimize performance and predict maintenance so that you can complete it at scheduled times rather than unexpectedly. The FLEX-MAT sensor detects minuscule changes in operations before the effects hurt overall productivity and alerts producers via the MAJOR app. The sensor captures data even while the machine is running, providing producers with the most up-to-date information without having to shut down production. It also shows how the screen machine is working, allowing operations to schedule adjustments or maintenance that could help improve productivity. 


Screen Media Tracking Chips


Along with predictive vibration analysis tools, tracking chips embedded into each screen panel can increase productivity. Chips, such as FLEX-MAT ID Enabled, make the reordering of screen media easy while ensuring that the specifications always stay the same. Users simply scan the ID Enabled chip to get data on the machine placement and the specifications of the screens. It saves that data on the MAJOR app, ensuring the exact specifications are already there when it’s time for your next order.


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