More about the Benefits of using the FLEX-MAT Sensor

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Improving Longevity with Vibration Analysis

It’s Not Easy Being Screens: How the FLEX-MAT Sensor Makes Life Easier for Your Vibrating Screens

By Lars Bräunling, MAJOR director of product technology

Aggregate and mining producers rely on their equipment to keep operations running smoothly. Productivity and profits depend not only on maintaining high efficiency but preventing disruptive downtime that costs producers money every minute the screening plant is not functioning.

Screen boxes and screen media, in particular, take on a lot of day-to-day stress and must be well maintained to prevent unexpected breakdowns. Adhering to regular service intervals is necessary, but can only go so far in anticipating the maintenance needs of your equipment.

And even if your vibrating screens are functioning, they might not be doing so at maximum efficiency. Productivity loss from underperforming equipment can be an unidentified burden on an aggregate or mining operation’s profitability.

Producers can use vibration analysis technology to get the information they need to prevent unforeseen breakdowns, as well as optimize their vibrating screens for maximum performance. MAJOR’s FLEX-MAT Sensor is the easiest way to get started and get basic information quickly.

Here’s how:

  • Greater Productivity.

The FLEX-MAT Sensor gathers data on your screen box by measuring parameters like g-force, stroke, rpm, orbit — even lateral movement, a measurement not offered by many alternative vibration analysis systems. This valuable data can give producers the information they need to fine-tune their machines for optimum productivity. It can even help prevent costly breakdowns.

  • Improved Machine Longevity.

Aggregate and mining producers are well aware of the abuse a screen box sees on a normal workday. These operations invest a lot of resources in choosing, integrating and maintaining their equipment, so protecting that investment is of the utmost importance. The FLEX-MAT Sensor gives screening plant managers the information they need to fine-tune and properly maintain their equipment. It helps them find issues that would often go undetected, such as a weakened springs on the side plate, and lead to significant damage to the machine.

  • Shutdown-free Measurement.

A feature that separates the FLEX-MAT Sensor from other vibration analysis tools is the ability to collect data without shutting down your equipment. Stealing nothing from the day’s production, the sensor is positioned on your screen box and conducts tests as the machine operates.

  • Immediate Results.

Where other vibration analysis tools may take up to a day to send you test results, the FLEX-MAT Sensor sends the data to your phone in the time it takes you to climb down from the machine. The sensor connects to the FLEX-MAT app on your phone, and results are viewable on a web browser in mere minutes.

  • Simple and Accessible.

The single-sensor design makes the FLEX-MAT Sensor easy to use, and also makes it one of the most accessible vibration analysis tools on the market. Producers who need to increase their efficiency finally have an option that is easy to use and is a no-brainer investment.

Producers can use the information gathered by the FLEX-MAT Sensor to determine whether a more in-depth analysis is needed. Work with your MAJOR representative to analyze test results and maximize your productivity.

Contact your local MAJOR authorized dealer to schedule a FLEX-MAT vibration analysis on your machines.