MAJOR Offers On-Site Technical Services to Maximize Screening Performance

MAJOR, a leading global manufacturer of high-performance wire screening media, works closely with its dealer network to offer complimentary on-site technical services for end users. Each program is designed to help producers and contractors in the aggregates, mining, construction and recycling industries to maximize uptime with their screen media and include local screening performance assessments, technical assistance, training workshops and more.

“We strive to be a dedicated partner to our customers to help them maximize the success of their operation,” said Bernard Betts, MAJOR president. “We take pride in collaborating with our dealer network to provide customized resources and individualized training to set our customers and their crews up for success. With the anticipated surge in infrastructure development, ensuring efficient processes are in place will be more critical than ever to keep up with material demand.”

MAJOR certified dealers offer screening performance assessments to identify opportunities and offer solutions for improvement to increase plant uptime and screening efficiency. A MAJOR screening expert will visit the operation and collaborate with producers to collect data and operational parameters. Upon reviewing the data, the screening expert will provide a report that includes recommendations for improvement and outlines opportunities for growth. 

Technical assistance is also available through MAJOR’s dealer network. This involves a personalized plant visit where a local screening expert can address issues and make recommendations on optimal screening solutions. Each plant visit will include a vibration analysis test with MAJOR’s signature FLEX-MAT Sensor. The app-controlled vibration analysis sensor enables readings of screen box vibrations within seconds and generates a report, allowing MAJOR certified technicians to review results and fine tune an operation’s screen box without shutting down the equipment.

“We strive to take extra steps to ensure our customers’ operations are staying productive and profitable. Utilizing advanced technology like our FLEX-MAT Sensor helps to achieve that,” Betts said. “The vibration measurement system allows a dealer to provide a more in-depth analysis on an operation, to improve the customer’s screening performance and profits.”

Additionally, MAJOR and its dealer network offer aggregate and mining producers on-site training opportunities to optimize efficiency. The seminars educate plant managers, operators and maintenance crews on best practices for screen media usage and how to prevent inefficiencies. Operations can also request custom training sessions focused on specific challenges or applications. 

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