How are Dealers Trained?


MAJOR Wire works in North America almost exclusively through more than 30 dealers who maintain exclusive territories. Its partners offer a strong local presence, a good reputation, a commitment to MAJOR’s value proposition and a hands-on, boots on the ground approach.

MAJOR is committed to ensuring its partners are knowledgeable and able to give customers the best advice regarding MAJOR’s products and services. This is achieved by offering three to four training sessions a year, which include more than 40 dealer representatives. The training could take place either at one of MAJOR’s three facilities or on-site. Different levels of certification are also offered, which are based on knowledge and expertise of MAJOR’s products. This training is not only valuable to new hires, but also seasoned employees who are interested in improving their skills and efficiency.

One of MAJOR’s missions is to advance its mission of proper training even further, by establishing a new training program with Fargo, North Dakota-based General Equipment & Supplies (GE&S). GE&S has been one of MAJOR’s top dealers for the past 10 years. It is also the first dealer to receive the “Certified Training Facility” designation. The company’s core values of innovation, hard work, passion and doing the right thing are followed intently; those values align well with MAJOR’s value proposition.

The Certified Training Program focuses on training the dealer’s service and sales staff. It was born out of feedback from trade show presentations and on-site seminars that GE&S used to educate its customers. The Fargo facility has a screen box that is dedicated to this program, allowing attendees to visualize and work through common problems that occur in the field.

The primary focus of the training is to educate attendees on how to reduce downtime and improve longevity. Additionally, MAJOR and GE&S have partnered to offer an end-user focused program tailored to the specific challenges that occur at their operations.

In the future, MAJOR will roll out the program to other qualifying dealers. The training is part of the company’s holistic focus on maintenance and continued commitment to innovative products, services and technologies.

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