Matthieu Rousseau

Matthieu Rousseau

Chief Financial Officer

Matthieu Rousseau’s career has been deeply rooted in and around manufacturing industries. Growing up in France, where both of his parents worked in a dairy transformation plant, he gained early exposure to the industry. Prior to joining MAJOR, he spent many years in the powersports and cement industries. In the latter, he was involved in extensive construction projects, mining operations, and international logistics, primarily in North America.

In addition to serving as the CFO for MAJOR, Matthieu also holds the same position at W.S Tyler, a sister company based in Ohio. Furthermore, he oversees procurement and MAJOR operations in Europe. Matthieu appreciates the organizational culture at MAJOR, which allows him to leverage his leadership, knowledge, and business skills beyond the traditional scope of a CFO.

Outside of work, Matthieu leads an active lifestyle, enjoying sports both individually and with friends, as well as savoring good meals with family and friends. An avid fitness enthusiast for over 20 years, he also relishes skiing in the winter. Matthieu is equally comfortable engaging in more tranquil activities such as walking, reading a book, or even playing the French horn for leisure. In essence, one would rarely find him sitting idle in front of a TV screen, although he does appreciate it occasionally!

Why MAJOR: Since joining MAJOR in 2019, I’ve been thrilled to be part of the company’s profound transformation to support its remarkable growth over the past decade. This growth has been primarily fueled by the outstanding performance and success of our Flex-Mat products. The prospect of contributing to this continued success, while also evolving and enhancing our finance function to better serve our employees, clients, and stakeholders, was a compelling reason for me to join. Being part of a midsize family-managed company with global influence within the Haver & Boecker group was an ideal fit for me.