Arianne Bourke Meagher

Arianne Bourke-Meagher

Marketing Coordinator

Arianne Bourke-Meagher, serving as a Marketing Coordinator at Major since August 2022, is not just a professional in the marketing field but also someone with a diverse range of interests outside of work. In her free time, Arianne enjoys doing yoga, boating, skiing, traveling, trying new foods, and spending quality time with her family.
Hobbies: Yoga, Boating, Skiing, Traveling, Trying new foods, Spending time with family.
Experience in the Industry: When Arianne started, she was completely new to the industry. However, her journey at MAJOR has been a continuous learning experience. She has gained valuable insights and continues to learn new things every day, finding the industry fascinating.
Why MAJOR: Once I learned about the company and its products and saw how much people believe in them, I was very interested to work at MAJOR. To work in marketing at a company with products that people believe in is a dream. When I met the team and saw their vision and passion for MAJOR, I knew this was the kind of team and environment I wanted to be a part of.