Diagnosing Screen Media Problems

Persistent problems with downtime and production quality can be frustrating. Aggregates and mining operations must work as quickly as they can to resolve issues and minimize losses from downtime and repairs. Knowing how to diagnose problems and find the best fix can expedite the process. 

Here are some things to consider when it comes to common mineral processing challenges.

PROBLEM: Pegging, Blinding and Carryover

It’s no secret that operations regularly face issues with near- or odd-size material pegging screens, or fine sticky material blinding openings. The depleted open area can ultimately result in carryover or contamination of the screened product, making this a costly problem.

The primary solution for these issues is often the choice of screen media. If using woven wire, consider high-vibration wire like FLEX-MAT that bonds the wires with polyurethane strips. This setup allows wires to move independently, effectively dislodging pegged or blinded openings, such as when screening material with heavy clay deposits. The extra vibration also amplifies overall stratification.

PROBLEM: Too Much Wear and Early Breakage

If the scrap pile is growing too quickly then it may be time to consider a new screen media configuration. Ideally, the screen media should complement the three main phases of screening: the feed end, the middle of the deck, and the discharge end. Many operations use mixed screen media for optimal results.

Another thing to consider is whether the problems may be caused by damaged equipment or improper installation. Proper tension is key for both the performance and the longevity of the screen media. Check tensioning weekly to ensure it is proper. Improper tensioning leads to early breakage. 

Work with an Expert

Contact us today to set up a screen media consultation. We will connect you with a local dealer to analyze your process, identify problems and provide solutions. When it comes to screen media, careful thought and selection can improve the bottom line and reduce headaches associated with downtime and lost profit.