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How Customized High-Vibration Screen Media Can Optimize Operations


Screen media is often an afterthought for mineral processing operations. In the car world, an equivalent would be tires. When purchasing a new car, buyers are often focused on larger, “flashier” components such as the body shell, engine or the latest electronic bells and whistles over more “standard” parts such as the tires. However, just as tires are essential to a vehicle’s overall performance, so too is screen media for machinery in aggregate and mining industries. 

Tires also come in different varieties, similar to screen media. And just as you want the right tires for the right application—for example, winter tires for especially snowy regions or summer tires for warm weather driving—so too do you want the best screen media option for your plant’s processing needs. While there are several options to choose from, much like tires, high-vibration screen media custom-engineered to your specific screening applications can deliver the best return on investment. 

Custom Fit for Optimal Operations 

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to screen panels and fit. Sizing that is even a fraction of an inch off can have tons of impact in terms of quality screening. While polyurethane panels come in a variety of options for different screening needs, custom-designed high-vibration screen media can often ensure a perfect fit and more precise screening. 

Whereas FLEX-MAT® Modular Plus panels are suitable for high-impact, heavy-material applications that still need a good amount of open area, FLEX-Mat Tensioned Series T and L models are ideal for low-impact, finer, or more sticky material. Despite their different uses, each custom-fit option is designed to strike the right balance of wear resistance, throughput, and blinding and pegging resistance to meet processing demands. 

Partnering with a Manufacturer 

When ordering screen media, operations should look for a reputable manufacturer that uses first-class materials and a thorough manufacturing process to ensure that they are receiving the best possible product to achieve the best possible results. Whereas global supply chain issues may lead to some manufacturers cutting corners and using less than stellar materials in their wire, others are uncompromising in the composition of the final product they deliver to their customers. 

Setup for Success 

Just as drivers need high-quality tires that offer excellent tread for enhanced traction and safety, so too do aggregate operations need high-performing screen media that provides higher throughput alongside reduced downtime, maintenance and replacement costs.  


It may also be that a combination of both options might help you to maximize production while retaining quality. Partnering with an OEM-certified technician is a cost-effective first step towards identifying problems and solutions and selecting the screen media that fits the application and the different phases of screening in your operations. To get started optimizing your plant’s screening operations, contact the MAJOR team today.